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ADVEARSE started as a  group of residents that formed in the summer of 2013 after discovering that land just west of the town of Bridport, known as Vearse Farm was earmarked for a housing development. This farm land is in the AONB (Area of Outstanding Beauty) and had been accepted into West Dorset Councils Local Plan to have 760+ houses built plus industrial park, replacement school and other buildings on it. The council refer to this as the Bridport urban extension. See planning link on: https://planning.dorset.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=dates&keyVal=DCAPR_132168

For 6 years we have been raising issues over the feasibility of this development and informing as many people in Bridport and surrounding areas as to the significant, detrimental effect this urban extension will have on our small town. The planning application was passed in November 2017 despite massive local opposition and the so called planning protections against building on AONB land. The council also now want to build a further 170 houses on the site with the prospect of even more being added in future years. None of these houses will be genuinely affordable for local people and many will be second or holiday homes.

The culmination of the opposition from Advearse is a Judicial Review claim which was filed on 12th June 2019. The required £34,000 funding was made with fanatic local support as well as support from wider Dorset and beyond. We are also extremely thankful for Dorset CPRE £10,000 match funding donation. See our posts for more information on the fundraising and Judicial Review process.

Finally, ADVEARSE believe that there is a need for low cost housing, that has good access to the town. Since the Vearse Farm development was proposed there have been a significant number of small scale housing developments completed – the council have ignored the cumulative impact of these on Bridport in their determination to press ahead with the Vearse Farm development. The Council have listed eight brownfield sites in Bridport with the capacity for up to 200 houses. Again all ignored as the council and developer press on regardless with the massive urban extension project on AONB countryside.

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  1. As a near Bridport ( Chideock ) resident, I should like to give my support against the proposed development of V earse Farm. Quite apart from the desecration of a beautiful part of our countryside, Bridport does not have the roads, car parks schools etc to deal with such a development.

  2. I strongly disagree with the Vearse farm building project.

    It stinks of local council collation and apathy which I have experienced here in West Dorset for the past two decades.

    I will give any (hands on) help I can to abort yet another urbanisation proposal.

    Vic Courtice – retired Oil Company worldwide project manager

  3. we wish to register our support for Advearse. We were at the meeting last year and fully agree with the total lack of publicity regarding this development by the local councillors.

  4. You have my total support in opposing this development. I firmly believe that Bridport has reached saturation point when it comes to satellite developments which slowly but surely encroach upon surrounding areas of outstanding natural beauty and dilute the central character of a town. Bridport is still, in essence, a very special place in which to live. We must not allow the privilege of living here to be ruined, for ourselves and visitors alike, by further thoughtless, totally unnecessary, encroachment.
    Not being particularly politically savvy, I assume this mindset is being imposed upon us, and presumably other sensitive areas as well, by a central government with very little knowledge of local sentiment. Surely if sufficient people voice their opposition this must be taken into account. I believe it’s called democracy. Or is nothing sacred?

  5. Mr Thorogood’s suggestion that living in Bridport is a privilege ignores the fact that this privilege is bring denied to many young people who were born,brought up and educated in this town and wish the same for their children. That wish is being denied them because house prices are inflated by smug self satisfied retirees moving into the area and contribute nothing to the local economy. Verse Farm and any similar development should be welcomed by right thinking people and not condemned by a bunch of smug small minded idiots.

  6. I have always fully supported your cause and wish to continue doing so.
    As I have previously stated I can so no reason to what is proposed by the council other than financial and corporate needs. They have absolutely no concern over local objections and the reasoning behind them. They a dictatorial organisation which we see them regularly making decisions total against the electorates will.
    It will be disaster for Bridport and the whole of the surrounding area if they get their way, for the good reasons that have been spelt out.

  7. I support Advearse. I’ve signed the ‘Stop Vearse Farm’ petition, but I think its now probably useless trying to actually stop it.
    What is possible though, in the light of the likely catastrophic impacts on flooding, traffic and the local environment, is attaining a reduction in dwellings at Vearse Farm. Its the entire allocation of Bridport area’s housing allocation all in one place.
    Other sites providing 1-200 houses would help to spread the impact instead of crippling Western Bridport. This can be achieved with strong backing in the Neighbourhood Plan.
    Register your concerns at; http://www.vision-2030.co.uk
    Bridport residents have not yet been heard!

  8. I support, people are desperate for homes, as long as they go to locals, it’s rubbish to say it will cause to much traffic, if they go to locals the traffic will be the same as always, it’s when you start moving in people from away that the traffic will become a problem.

  9. low cost housing is an absolute priority.
    I am worried about the environmental impacts of such a large development, particularly those caused by water run off and flooding!
    Do we have appropriate support services and employment in Bridport for such a large project?

  10. Read of the proposed development in the Telegraph. As a Dorset resident, I whole heartedly support your campaign. I hope that you manage to wrest control back to the people who love and live in this area, and make sure that any developments enhance rather than overwhelm this beautiful and unique landscape.

  11. Rather than these developments which have or will overwhelm towns such as Bridport, Wimborne and Dorchester, it seems to me that Dorset is in need of a completely new town. The proposed ?12 new towns proposed by the government are mostly based around London and the Home counties but Dorset desperately needs an alternative to the “build on the side” model. This would allow for a proper road infrastructure to be built, avoiding a repeat of the traffic problems of Poundbury at peak times and the potential gridlock in West Street, Bridport if Vearse Farm goes ahead.

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