WDDC cancel petition submission; Vearse Farm !!

ADVEARSE have just received a letter from Matt Prosser, Chief Executive at the WDDC. It details in part that……

“…..In conclusion therefore, the petition will not be discussed by the full Council [on the 8th January, 2015]as the matter raised is one that has already been able to go through a separate investigation process through the public examination into the whole plan. The inspector will consider all of the evidence thoroughly before reaching his conclusions on whether the plan is sound.

The full text can be supplied if requested.

ADVEARSE will be contacting the local media to convey their dissatisfaction on this infringement of the democratic process.

One thought on “WDDC cancel petition submission; Vearse Farm !!”

  1. This is disgraceful 1400 voices not being heard.
    The point of the petition was to show that the consultation process had not been effective and ignoring this wave of objection is extraordinary. How can it happen?

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