Aims and Objectives

Our aims are to:

  • Improve public awareness of the scale of the development proposed for Vearse Farm. In particular that the need for low-cost housing, should predominate over that of more expensive open-market housing. We feel that this prerequisite will then satisfy the issue of generating housing for the young and less well paid members of Bridport and its environs residents, who fall into these categories. This being over and the above, the allocation of 35% low-cost housing, currently destined for this development.
  • Highlight the serious objections to the development.
  • Engage with the democratic process to achieve the best outcome for the long term future of Bridport. In effect, supporting the aims of Vision 2030, the Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Act as a focus for people who are opposed to the development.

Our objectives are to:

  • Utilise communication channels to publicise the scale of the development and the reasons why this development is inappropriate, using the website and local media, thus ensuring more residents are aware of the scheme.
  • Work with local politicians and councils to ensure our concerns are addressed, which includes highlighting concerns with the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and attending (and having attended) Council meetings with representations to the Inspector (December 2014).
  • Utilise a range of measures, including petitions, to ensure that the scale of opposition is realised.
  • Be ready to adjust our organisation and tactics as the situation regarding Vearse Farm changes as they evolve, in the future.


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