It is not to late to comment on the planning application. Although the deadline was 17th January Dorset Council have promised to consider all responses received.

Please find below the link to the planning application. Click on this link or cut and paste onto your browser. This will take you to the DC planning portal. You just need to click accept on their terms and conditions (bottom of page).

This will take you to the application. You will then be able to click on the box “make comments” at the bottom righ hand side of the page and then submit any comments you want to make.

On the first page of the application you can click on documents tab at top of page to see all the various documents associated with the application and also see all the public comments.


Below is the link to the final version of our response to the Foundry Lea reserved matters application. We will be uploading this onto the Dorset Council planning portal tomorrow (Sunday).

Monday 17th is the deadline for responses – so if you have not already responded please take the opportunity to register your views. We would be grateful if you refer to our response – hopefully to say you are in agreement. Please feel free to use any part of our response in your comments!

There are now over 100 public comments – the vast majority objecting to the plans and highlighting a large number of deficiencies.

The reality is that if these plans go through in their current state the downsides for Bridport will be severe and far outweigh the claimed benefits.

We don’t expect the whole application to be thrown out – but demand delays while a large number of urgently needed improvements are made to the plans. Also, we can expect to have the planning application determined at a public meeting so the views of Bridport residents can be heard.


BTC Planning Committee meeting will be discussing the Foundry Lea (Vearse Farm) application this Monday. The issues and concerns that they have already raised will be under discussion. There will be an update from the Foundry Lea working group which holds meetings with various parties including the developers.

Members of the public are invited to call in using Zoom and can if they wish raise points with the committee during the public forum at the beginning of the meeting. To do this you need to contact Will Austin who will allocate you a three-minute slot to speak). Alternatively you can just listen in on the discussion!

Please find attached below link to the the agenda with the Zoom meeting link included.

A-10-01-22-1.pdf (


We have a draft response to the planning application = please see the link below. This has been updated to show Word version.

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions received. We would welcome further ideas so that we can improve upon the response. A final version will go onto our website by next Sunday before the document is uploaded to the Dorset Council website.

Town Council Urges Engagement on Foundry Lea

Bridport Town Council has published its work so far on the planning application for the Foundry Lea housing development and is encouraging the local community to get involved.

The application, which deals with the housing and highways aspects of the development, was submitted by the developers in December 2021, and the deadline for comments is 10 January 2022. Town councillors want local people and groups to be able to understand the application and respond, and have published their initial thoughts on the application in the form of a summary video and draft planning comments.

Council Leader Cllr Dave Rickard said “So far we’ve identified some good things in the application, like the affordable housing, provision for cycling, solar panels, electric vehicle charging, and some welcome attention to how the development will look. But we’re very concerned that the development doesn’t do enough to meet our future environmental needs. We’ve all heard in recent times about the dangers of climate change and the need to reduce our carbon emissions, and big developments like this are one opportunity to start making a meaningful difference. Our hope is that with a strong community response we can achieve some improvements.”

The Town Council set up a working group last year to engage with the developers, along with key stakeholders including Symondsbury Parish Council, in whose area the site lies. And recently, councillors have engaged with other agencies such as Dorset Council and Wessex Water to press for assurances on the infrastructure surrounding the development – like highways, cycle paths, drainage and sewerage. Cllr Rickard said “The outline permission granted in 2019 means that the development will now go ahead, so regardless of people’s views we now need to focus on getting the best possible development for Bridport. We want Foundry Lea to be an exemplar in design and environmental standards, and a good ‘fit’ with the town.”

In addition to the housing, the full mixed use development will include an employment site, school, care home, playing fields, and a local centre. Further planning applications covering these aspects are expected to follow in due course.

Town Clerk Will Austin said “This is the first of what we expect to be a series of applications for the full development, and we are keen that people have the information they need to ensure they can give their views. We hope our work so far will help.”

The Town Council’s draft comments and summary video can be found at

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