Work started at Vearse Farm (Foundry Lea)

ADVEARSE is fielding queries about the work which has started around the Vearse Farm development . Unfortunately the next meeting of the Foundry Lea working Group has been postponed  which means it is difficult to ask the questions directly to the developers in an open forum. There is no recent information on the Foundry Lea website .We are seeking advice about how best to air your concerns.

Please contact us via the website if you have any concerns 

At the last FLWG meeting on 30 January the developer provided an update and the notes below were made by an Advearse representative at the meeting:

From mid February work starts on site fencing, site segregation fencing and tree management. This will last for about 6 weeks.

First phase infrastructure commences including first half of link road starting on the east side. In 2 months the off-site service work will have been completed.

The Miles Cross roundabout detailed plans have been held up by National Highways reviews. No further comments are expected from them.. Formal sign off of the detailed plans is expected in a few weeks time. The tender for the roundabout construction work will then be placed.

The CTMP needs to be agreed and there are outstanding H&S issues being considered. Dorset Council have some minor comments and the draft CTMP will be circulated once updated and should be signed off once the roundabout contractor has been appointed.

No final decision has been made on the Miles Cross right hand turn issue. This will wait for the roundabout constructor input. Over the next 2 months the volume of site traffic will be minimal so no issue for Miles Cross safety. So CTMP does not need to be in place.

Water table hight and recent flooding are not considered to be an issue and are addressed by the current approved plans.

The proposed building regulations changes in 2025 relating to banning gas boilers apply from when the foundations are dug out. So those houses with foundations dug before June 2025 would have gas boilers. .

Barratts working on updated newsletter for local people. Possible press release. Also looking at a site opening ceremony.

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