Foundry Lea developer breached planning conditions

Developers started work on Foundry Lea (Vearse Farm) 760 housing development in February but certain conditions connected with the proposed roundabout at the A35 Miles Cross junction were required to have been met before construction work commenced.

The news article linked below explains the details and gives the shocking reponse from Dorset Council (who are responsible for enuring that the planning conditions are met). We are talking here about the safety of public using the A35 Miles Cross junction (a notorious accident black spot) and West Road – so this is not some minor technicality. Already large numbers of HGV lorries are making their way to and from the Foundry Lea development and will be increasing to upto 100 lorry movements a day.. Cases have been reported of lorries parking on West Road pavement opposite Foundry Lea forcing pedestrians to walk in the road.

Dorset Council response (excuse) is that National Highways advised the developer what further information was needed regarding the Miles Cross part of the works before they would sign off on the construction traffic management plan. No explanation from Dorset Council as to why allowed the developers to carry on with construction work breaching the planning conditions. No apology for putting road users at risk and no assurance that they will stop construction work until the conditions are properly met!

The arrogance of Dorset Council planners is typified by a comment made when challenged about the breach of planning controls – you can complain if you like but “I suspect that it would be inexpedient” for the Council to do anything about it!

The photo below shows the construction work (building of access road) that is taking place and breaching the planning conditions. Perhaps Dorset Council planning officers should pay a visit.

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