Flooding at Vearse Farm

Flooding at Vearse Farmzpfile002zpfile003Site for Vearse HousingSite for Vearse HousingView over flooding at Vearse FarmFlooded access to Vearse Farm

3 thoughts on “Flooding at Vearse Farm”

  1. Who is going to suffer from flooding as a direct result of the loss of the Vearse Farm flood plain? Presumably West Bay just for starters.

  2. Hello Barry,
    Would it be possible for whoever took the powerful ariel photo of the full extent of land to be developed to take another one next Wed/Thurs 7/8 Sep 22 ?
    We have heavy rain forecast Sun-Thurs.
    Shown side by side these two airiel photos would be a powerful way to communicate the flood risk to both Bridport and on the site.

    1. Thank you for your suggestion . We did not take the aerial photo and would not have the technology to do so .

      We have over the years taken photos of all the flooding and used them in the campaign . Thanks for the heads up – as ever we will be looking out this week

      It would be useful if you sent a message to Dorset Council as the Flood authority and Bridport Town Council expressing your concern

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