Replacement of the trees and hedgerow

The Vearse Farm/Foundry Lea developers have issued a plan for replacement of the trees and hedgerow erroneously removed from Symondsbury Estates Land,

To replace the loss of the mature trees, 26 standard trees — English oak (12), field maple (7) and hornbeam (7) — will be planted on and behind the hedge bank to advance the maturity of the hedge feature. Due to English oak trees of the specified size not being available until Autumn 2023, these will be planted after September 2023.

A new hedgerow will be planted with the species mix proposed for other new hedgerows across the site. The species proposed are targeted to benefit dormice and a range of important invertebrate species including green hairstreak butterflies.

All stumps are to be retained where possible and will produce new coppice growth within the first year to contribute to hedgerow structure.

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