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Press Release: January 23 2014

ADVEARSE welcomed the decision of the Planning Inspector to hold a preliminary meeting to explore his concerns about the West Dorset Local plan. We would like to congratulate both the Inspector and the Council on the organisation and conduct of the meeting.

The concerns raised in the meeting justified our decision to raise our own concerns about Vearse Farm. It became clear in the meeting that the Council has worked out a figure of Housing need for the District as a whole. It does not have an accurate evidence base for how many houses are actually needed in Bridport. The 800 houses are merely a very convenient contribution to the District requirement. The meeting also confirmed that the prospect that 35% of the houses at Vearse Farm will be ‘affordable housing’ is a pipe dream. We would urge local people not to be misled into supporting this scheme in the vain hope it will help local people to get houses.

ADVEARSE supports the position of Bridport Town Council that housing development in the town should be closely linked to the development of employment opportunities. Development should be on a scale and at a pace which reflects the character of a market town and its outstanding natural setting. ADVEARSE can be contacted by e-mail at

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