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Some recent comments from the 38 Degrees petition……

The size of this proposal is out of scale with the Market Town of Bridport and would change its character irrevocably. The local infrastructure cannot cope with the number of proposed houses. The council has to be reminded that they have been elected to look after our interests, not their own

The size of this proposal is out of scale with the Market Town of Bridport, the local infrastructure cannot cope with the number of proposed houses. any new houses should be affordable & distributed within the district for local people not for the rich retired who will inevitably be the intended market.

 Bridport is a small market town, the large development will be on prime agricultural land, changing the character of the town and not serving the housing needs of local people.

This is a ludicrous idea that should be challenged at every level. We do not have the travel infrastructure as anyone attempting to traverse the South Coast in the summer will testify, and in the winter the properties will be full of water. As someone stated this site was dismissed by DCC for a school. Talking of schools, do we think Symondsbury or any of the other local schools can accommodate such a huge influx? If any houses are built they Must be for local people only.

One of the reasons given by DCC for not relocating Mountjoy School here was the flood risk! This development is far too big and the houses are largely not going to benefit local people in need of affordable housing !

This seems to be far too big an addition, by proportion, to a small town.

Open letter to local politicians from ADVEARSE

Open letter to local politicians from ADVEARSE

ADVEARSE, discussed in some depth at its April meeting the decision of WDDC to postpone for 6 months consideration by the Inspector of its Local Plan. Whilst we recognise the threat that any revision may include more proposed housing in Bridport and even at Vearse Farm we would urge you to view this as an opportunity to seek reconsideration of the proposals for Bridport. You may have noticed the Western Daily Press article of 29 March. Headline – ‘Green Belt is spared 800 homes’. The article tells how 3 councils in Gloucestershire had revised their Local Plan to reduce total numbers. Proposals can be changed!

With this in mind we are sending this letter to all local politicians. We would like to put on record our thanks to those of you who have responded positively to our previous contacts with you. We remain surprised and disappointed at the District Councillors who have yet to reply to us. A copy has gone to the local press and will be placed on our website. (

With the exception of Councillor Alford we have yet to hear from anyone who disagrees with our proposition that the scale and location of the proposed development is inappropriate for Bridport. We have yet to hear any argument in favour of Vearse Farm other than it is a convenient space to dump a large part of the West Dorset housing requirement. (and we all know these figures are actually based on fiction)

We are therefore asking

  • Could you as local politicians come together and exert your influence to have the whole concept of Vearse Farm reviewed.
  • Could you please reply to this letter to update about what you propose to do as an individual to contribute to the amendment of the Local Plan.

You are elected representatives – elected to represent the best interests of Bridport. We believe you can still halt this unwarranted development. We are not against development in Bridport – we simply want to see the organic growth of the community. We hope that after 6 months the need for ADVEARSE will go away but we are not naive. We are continuing to set up our organisation. The website will be launched this month and we have set up our constitution and bank account. We are aware that some of you will be seeking re-election in the coming years and would want to support candidates who have shown that they have exercised leadership at a crucial time in the history of Bridport. You have our commitment to work with you for a sustainable development of Bridport.

We look forward to hearing from you

Please contact us at

[email protected]