West Dorset District Council has announced a further consultation on the Local Plan. The Council withdrew the Plan following concerns expressed by the Inspector. Additional work has been done notably the research of a team of consultants who have looked again at the housing market requirements. The changes to the Plan are minimal – increasing the Annual target to 775 homes in the West Dorset / Weymouth area per year and reducing the time for which the plan will run.

You can access the plan

and follow directions which will allow you to comment on the changes to the Plan. Responses have to be received by September 11th

ADVEARSE urges everyone who is concerned about this plan to respond.

We have placed elsewhere on the website our response to the Council which will give you more detail about our objections. But for the purposes of this Newsflash the following points may help you to frame your response.

  1. WDDC only want responses about the changes – If like virtually everyone else in Bridport you feel that you were not consulted in the first place you may want to make this point.
  2. There is no reduction in the allocation for Bridport. ADVEARSE has consistently stated against the scale of the VEARSE FARM 750 house development. It is inappropriate for a town of the size and character of Bridport.
  3. Although the changes are entitled ‘Sustained pattern of Development’ there has been no attempt to address the concerns we have expressed about the Vearse Farm site – Flooding, traffic problems, loss of good agricultural land, impact on an area of outstanding beauty.
  4. The Housing Report fails to identify accurately the actual LOCAL housing need. Many of the houses are built in Bridport they will be sold to people migrating in.
  5. ADVEARSE further contends that there is no real analysis in the Plan about how the Council will ensure that the developers will actually build AFFORDABLE houses.
  6. In short the Plan serves the interests of landowners and builders. It will not serve the long term needs of Bridport.

WDDC has chosen to continue down the path of creeping suburbanisation for Bridport – another Poundbury on its side. ADVEARSE has met virtually no one in favour of the development and we are looking for ways of mobilising opposition.


  • Respond to the consultation and let the Council know what you feel
  • Encourage your friends to
  • Contact us using our email address – [email protected] and let us know your views

One thought on “Newsflash”

  1. Thank you for your excellent web site and for keeping us informed.

    I’ve followed your links above, and waded through some of the most awful and dense documentation I’ve ever had the misfortune to try to understand. Good grief! I weep for anyone trying to object or voice an opinion… though maybe that’s the whole idea?

    Thank you again – you must feel like you’re shaking your fists at a charging elephant, but at least you’re trying to stop this madness.

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