Advearse draft response to reserved matters planning application

The link below will open the document setting out our draft response to the Vearse Farm planning appication.

Any comments or thoughts will be appreciated as we will be submitting our final version onto the Dorset Council planning portal on Friday 8th July which is the deadloine for comments.

Advearse response amended reserved matters v2

One thought on “Advearse draft response to reserved matters planning application”

  1. Completely agree with everything that has been pointed out here. Sadly history tells us that unless something is absolutely nailed down before work commences it will not be a priority for those whose only real interest is the bottom line. Developers, develop for one reason, profit, that’s all there is as a priority. If any of the ‘benefits’ of this development are to be realised they must be baked in at the outset with zero wriggle room. Surely this is obvious? If they can cut corners, save money and renege on previous agreements, they will. It is just business. The employment land was a key factor in the original application being approved there is no logical reason why that should change. The way things are progressing this development won’t start until at least 2023 (what about the roundabout on the A35?) Given that Palmers Meadow is now 3 years on and still not finished how can anyone justify installing mass Gas boilers a year before they are removed as an energy option? It is entirely the planners responsibility to ensure that the people of Bridport, including those future residents of Foundry Lea’s best interests are uppermost in their decision making and they should be held to account if this turns out not to be the case.

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