Below is the link to the final version of our response to the Foundry Lea reserved matters application. We will be uploading this onto the Dorset Council planning portal tomorrow (Sunday).

Monday 17th is the deadline for responses – so if you have not already responded please take the opportunity to register your views. We would be grateful if you refer to our response – hopefully to say you are in agreement. Please feel free to use any part of our response in your comments!

There are now over 100 public comments – the vast majority objecting to the plans and highlighting a large number of deficiencies.

The reality is that if these plans go through in their current state the downsides for Bridport will be severe and far outweigh the claimed benefits.

We don’t expect the whole application to be thrown out – but demand delays while a large number of urgently needed improvements are made to the plans. Also, we can expect to have the planning application determined at a public meeting so the views of Bridport residents can be heard.

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