Annual Report for 2020


The Judicial Review was held in Cardiff in February. Ultimately the Judge found against us on two of the three grounds. We did see, however, many positives. The Judge’s criticisms of WDDC and his finding in our favour on one ground justified the bringing of the case.

The quality of our input / support was helpful to our Counsel. Our case stacked up well in court. The Judge accepted our case about the amount of costs which should be awarded against us and for the Council. This meant that we stayed in budget – not a mean feat!

We maintained the support of our donors and supporters and are grateful for their support.

We held up Hallam for at least a year.

We won the argument if not the case.

  • After JR –We have chosen to stay in existence with a refocused brief. There are 3 broad aims:
  • Ensuring that Bridport gets the maximum benefit from whatever development happens on the site
  • Seeking to address the deficiencies in the current scheme e.g. the dangers for traffic and pedestrian access to the town centre.
  • Ensuring that the commitments in the S106 agreement are met in full

During the year we have followed a number of strands e.g. we involved a Traffic consultant to advise us on the impact of VF on traffic and pedestrians in Bridport. The consultant identified a number of areas where we can (and will) use traffic regulations to challenge deficiencies in the current scheme.

We have been in communication with Dorset Council about the conduct of the Detailed Planning application stage. We are pushing for full public access to the plans, a proper consultation process of adequate length and full involvement of our elected members in the decision process.

We maintain a constant watch on the Land Registry site for signs that the ownership of VF has changed. A change in ownership of VF would occur when house builders have bought into the scheme and development would commence in earnest.  We also maintain a watch on Hallam’s website and use our contacts to keep up to date on any possible moves in relation to VF.

Flood risk is an issue that we have repeatedly raised with the Council for the last seven years. Many of our supporters have raised this as a continuing major concern. The risk of serious flooding on the VF site has been dismissed by the planners as a once in a hundred years event despite plenty of climate change evidence and lived experience to the contrary. We have little confidence in the planned VF flood defences and are logging all cases of flooding on the site. We will continue to apply as much pressure as we can on flood risks as the consequences for Bridport are extremely serious.

We have continued to meet on a monthly basis – using an online meeting programme as a result of Covid restrictions.

The website is kept up to date with news of our activities and other relevant developments. We also maintain an Advearse email account for communication with supporters and other interested parties.

We have issued press releases and other media communications during the year, particularly around the time of the JR. This included coverage on national media.

  • Making Connections with wider Dorset Devts

The current proposed changes to the Planning system together with post COVID move out of South Eastern England will put extra pressures on West Dorset. We have continued to build links with others interested in sustaining the glories of West Dorset. This work has included:

  • Helping with two local cases involving unwarranted development
  • Links to the Dorset AONB committee
  • Supporting the campaign for designation as a National Park 
  • Links to groups similar to ADVEARSE in other parts of Dorset via Pan Dorset Group – On hold due to COVID

We are realistic about the chances of stopping VF but are satisfied we can continue to have purpose

Thanks to all of the Steering Group and all the supporters of ADVEARSE.

One thought on “Annual Report for 2020”

  1. You have my full and continuing support with these aims. I have little faith in the planning regime moving in the direction I believe your support group prefers, so we need to fight every inch of the way. My fear is that Hallam’s parent company is experienced and well funded and might well move on to advise the next owners of the site. I think it will be necessary to keep the issue in public view on a continuous basis. It’s a pity that our local press is so poor.

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