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Fundraising milestone!

Thanks to all your donations and pledges we now have just under £7000 to raise for the JR!

With 13 days left to complete the fundraising we have a few more milestones to hit along the way. We will make sure that we announce these so you can keep track of how we are doing.

Thanks for all the support – keep it coming!!

View from the Legal Eagles

You may have seen our earlier post about Dorset Council procrastinating with their response to our Pre-Action Protocol (PAP) letter sent to them announcing our plans to launch a Judicial Review (JR).

Well Dorset Council have now said they will reply on Wednesday 29 May which is an improvement, but still slower than the normal time frame for a reply to a PAP letter.

We will be talking to our lawyers on Friday 31 May at 5pm. By then our lawyers will have been able to assess the council’s response and be able to give us their reassessment of the chances of success with the JR. If the chances are still better than 50/50 then we will go ahead with launching the JR subject to having raised the necessary funds.

Thanks for the great support and please join me in having your fingers crossed that on Friday we get the green light to go for the JR! We will of course let you know as soon as we have the news!

Where is our Press Release?

You might have seen our post last Monday with a press release about Dorset Council procrastinating over their response to our lawyers pre-Action Protocal letter. We passed this to Bridport News to go in last Thursday’s edition (ie 23rd May). But it did not appear – it went missing!

What happened? Quite simple, as newspapers like to give the interested party a chance to comment they went to Dorset Council for a comment. And the Council, despite having plenty of time, failed to respond and hence our press release did not get published.

We are hoping that it will appear this week with or without the Council’s comment.

Maybe we’ve upset them! Perhaps they prefer the type of local democracy where they ask our opinion on a plan and then ignore us and expect us to just give up.

Fundraising update – 27 May

Our Crowdfunder appeal is going slowly with only £5,440 raised and 14 days left before the 10 June deadline. But then Crowdfunder tell us a lot of pledges are made towards the end when time is running out and the fundraising appeal become even more urgent!

But the good news is that we continue to receive donations directly via cheques and payments into our bank account. We recently received a £1000 donation which is fantastic. As a result the actual amount left to raise is £7500.

But we can’t get complacent as the time is ticking by so please encourage every one you know to help with the campaign.

Latest Video appeal released

We have just released our latest video appeal to raise the funds needed for the Judicial Review against the massive and damaging Vearse Farm Bridport urban extension.

This is a real call to arms as we now only have 18 days left till 10th June when time will have run out to launch the Judicial review and time will have also run out for Bridport and West Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Canvassing in Bucky Doo Bridport

We had a great morning canvassing in Bucky Doo Square on Saturday 18th May! Here is a photo of some of the team campaigning against the massive and damaging Vearse Farm urban extension of Bridport.

The most important thing we took away from canvassing people on Saturday was that they were very interested to know that something could be done! Also they were shocked by the fact that it was our LAST AND ONLY CHANCE to try to stop this development. There is a real sense of urgency – particularly as the remaining funds are needed by 10 June or the bulldozers will be in!

Bucky Doo Canvasing!

Advearse members and supporters will be canvasing for support against the massive Vearse Farm development in Bucky Doo Square, Bridport on Saturday 18 May from 10am to midday.

Please come and join us and help raise appreciation of the huge damage that this development will inflict on Bridport and the wider AONB status. We only have 24 days left to raise the remaining money to launch a Judicial Review against the development. This is Bridport’s last chance! After 10 June nothing will stop the massive 10+ year construction from starting with plans for at least 930 houses.

Here are some of the team at the last Bucky Doo Square session!

Comments, comments….

Below are just a sample of the comments left on Crowdfunder by our supporters. Thanks you so much for your pledges and support!

All the comments are heartfelt and explain exactly why the massive Vearse Farm urbanisation will be a disaster for Bridport and the AONB land countrywide!

“Bridport is unique”

“Let’s hope we can stop this monstrous carbuncle of a development”

“Advearse have already pointed out that there are plenty of brownfield sites in the area that could be developed in preference to despoiling this AONB, and this should be taken on board by the planning authorities.”

“Unspoilt beauty. AONB…..what is the point of the status when such a large building plan can go ahead.”

“Too many expensive houses and second homes when we should be building affordable houses. Dorset is under threat from developers.”

“I know more housing is needed, but this development is unacceptable by any standards. At a time when the environment is at the forefront of the news, it is frankly outrageous.”

“We need to protect our countryside from irresponsible planners. Remember Rampisham.”

“This is a prime example of why Dorset needs National Park status!”

“This sort of over development must be stopped!”

“Not NIMBYism, I would support brownfield site development in the area, but this is a truly beautiful area”

Important to respect the quality and character of all of Dorset’s countryside and communities by promoting appropriate development where this is needed, including making use of brownfield land first.

“Affordable housing for local people is essential but this development will not provide that. It has the potential to ruin our beautiful countryside and the charm of the town itself. The roads surrounding Bridport are already full to capacity in the summer months. It does not feel like a positive development for Bridport.”

“It is so important that the AONB should not be breached for the benefit of developers.”

“Support this case to stop massive luxury housing estates on AONB land that rural people can’t afford. We want houses for local need not developer greed.”

“Lets save Bridport and the AONB everywhere!”

We’ll put more comments up soon…..maybe even the ones that say what people really think of our County Council planning department!!

Fundraising Update!

With the response to the Crowdfunder appeal and continuing direct donations received there remains just over £12,300 to raise in the next 4 weeks to fund the Judicial Review.

The JR is the last chance to stop this massive and destructive development ruining Bridport! Also if we are successful it will help to discourage other major developments on AONB land in Dorset and the rest of England.

We continue with the leafleting campaign in Bridport and the local area and are active on social media. We are sending press releases to local and national media. We will also be putting up further posters and arranging a protest march to increase awareness.

As the time left is short we need all the help we can get to raise the remaining money. So please donate (see our donations page) or pledge via Crowdfunder ( Encourage your neighbours, friends and family to do the same!

Also if you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can support the fund raising then we would be delighted to hear them!

Thanks for your support!

Crowdfunder Appeal launched

On 6 May we launched our Crowdfunder online fundraising appeal.  We have just a few short weeks to raise the remaining £16,000 in order to apply for a judicial review against the outline planning permission for Vearse Farm.  For this we desperately and urgently need your help. Please find below the Crowdfunder link:

It is vital that we get off to a good start on the Crowdfunder so please pledge what you can and also please send the Crowdfunder link to all your family, friends, colleagues etc so that they can also assist by making pledges.  Messages of support on Crowdfunder would also be great.

The aim of the Crowdfunder is for all concerned people (not just local people) to make pledges towards the remaining £16,000 that we need to raise. These pledges will only be collected if the target is reached.

Our lawyers are currently undertaking all the pre-work in preparation for applying for the judicial review, the deadline for which is on 13 June 2019.  However, we cannot proceed with the application if we have not raised the money we need to pay for it.

People always like to be on a winning team and if it is clear on our Crowdfunder campaign that we are on track to meet our target it can only help to encourage other people to also make pledges. We are doing everything we can to publicise the campaign in local and national media and also approaching sympathetic organisations to see what support they can offer. 

Please keep your eye on the Crowdfunder site to see how we are progressing!

 Thanks so much for your continuing support, donations and pledges. If you prefer to make a direct donation to Advearse instead of making a pledge on Crowdfunder then details for this are on the other side of this sheet.