CPRE Support for Advearse

To understand more about the CPRE support for Advearse against the massive and destruction Vearse Farm development we urge everyone to refer to the CPRE website (https://www.cpre.org.uk/) and its recent publications.

The CPRE give a devastating critique of flawed targets and the failings of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).
Across the country and indeed across the political divide it is now understood that massive market led housing schemes like Vearse Farm will not address the priority housing needs. A return to local authority housing and smaller scale schemes by Community Land Trusts should be encouraged in areas where there is the greatest need.
Vearse Farm is typical of developments of the last 30 years which encircle many towns but have been largely taken up by incoming retirees and second homers. They do little for those local people in housing need who cannot afford the inflated house prices.

ADVEARSE continues to support housing development at a sustainable level in West Dorset which are in sympathy with the character of the area and provide genuine affordable housing for local people.

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