Crowdfunder Appeal launched

On 6 May we launched our Crowdfunder online fundraising appeal.  We have just a few short weeks to raise the remaining £16,000 in order to apply for a judicial review against the outline planning permission for Vearse Farm.  For this we desperately and urgently need your help. Please find below the Crowdfunder link:

It is vital that we get off to a good start on the Crowdfunder so please pledge what you can and also please send the Crowdfunder link to all your family, friends, colleagues etc so that they can also assist by making pledges.  Messages of support on Crowdfunder would also be great.

The aim of the Crowdfunder is for all concerned people (not just local people) to make pledges towards the remaining £16,000 that we need to raise. These pledges will only be collected if the target is reached.

Our lawyers are currently undertaking all the pre-work in preparation for applying for the judicial review, the deadline for which is on 13 June 2019.  However, we cannot proceed with the application if we have not raised the money we need to pay for it.

People always like to be on a winning team and if it is clear on our Crowdfunder campaign that we are on track to meet our target it can only help to encourage other people to also make pledges. We are doing everything we can to publicise the campaign in local and national media and also approaching sympathetic organisations to see what support they can offer. 

Please keep your eye on the Crowdfunder site to see how we are progressing!

 Thanks so much for your continuing support, donations and pledges. If you prefer to make a direct donation to Advearse instead of making a pledge on Crowdfunder then details for this are on the other side of this sheet.

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