We have a draft response to the planning application = please see the link below. This has been updated to show Word version.


Thanks for all the comments and suggestions received. We would welcome further ideas so that we can improve upon the response. A final version will go onto our website by next Sunday before the document is uploaded to the Dorset Council website.


  1. A very detailed response so far, covering a range of issues that all need to be addressed by Dorset Council and the applicants.

    Given outline permission has been granted it could be a fantastic opportunity to create an innovative and exemplar development, something that Bridport can be proud of.

    One additional comment is that the housing designs proposed meet just minimum requirements. The only inclusion of a higher design standard is just 14 affordable houses built to Cat. 2 Accessible and Adaptable requirements (M4(2) Building Regulations), which equates to just 1.8% of the total build, which is totally inadequate. Within the open market tenure there are no proposed units built to the higher standard which is inequitable and unacceptable.

    Some local planning authorities require all new housing to be built to Cat.2 as it is a cost effective way to improve the quality of its housing stock.

    Houses built to Cat. 2 requirements provide an adaptable home which can meet the needs of the occupants throughout their life. Providing well designed homes can reduce costs to social care and the NHS, which is particularly relevant with increasing demand for services against a backdrop of constrained budgets.

    Well designed housing, adaptable to different residents abilities is included in objective 7 Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan (2019), therefore should be reflected within the proposed development.

  2. I think the draft response to foundry lea development is very sound and covers all aspects of our concerns. Most important at present is the traffic plan and roundabout with no signs of these at present what is their time scale to commence site work ? Since this is not yet in place why are Dorset council in such a hurry to review the planning application? I think this is important as site traffic will be considerable in the early stages of development and will affect local residents and holiday makers alike and will have a great impact on the B3162.

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