Fundraising Update!

With the response to the Crowdfunder appeal and continuing direct donations received there remains just over £12,300 to raise in the next 4 weeks to fund the Judicial Review.

The JR is the last chance to stop this massive and destructive development ruining Bridport! Also if we are successful it will help to discourage other major developments on AONB land in Dorset and the rest of England.

We continue with the leafleting campaign in Bridport and the local area and are active on social media. We are sending press releases to local and national media. We will also be putting up further posters and arranging a protest march to increase awareness.

As the time left is short we need all the help we can get to raise the remaining money. So please donate (see our donations page) or pledge via Crowdfunder ( Encourage your neighbours, friends and family to do the same!

Also if you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can support the fund raising then we would be delighted to hear them!

Thanks for your support!

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