Planning update – deadline is 8 July for comments

As noted earlier the revised plans are expected to be heard at the 4 August Planning Committee with a 3-week planning consultation.

We are concerned that Dorset Council have yet again failed to ensure that the public are being properly informed. We contacted them and their response was that they have put up 32 planning notices on lampposts etc around the site and that is sufficient to make the effected local people aware.

Of the hundreds of people who objected to the previous applications none have been contacted. Dorset Council say this is normal practice and only the statutory consultees are contracted.

We have requested that the application is properly publicised and a longer consultation period with the Foundry Lea application put back to a later planning committee meeting. Despite the massive impact on Bridport and surrounding area we have little expectation that anything else will be done by the council to raise awareness. There is no mention in the local media which we are trying to correct.

The current deadline for comments is 8 July so it is important to get your objections/comments made. This can be done via the Dorset Council planning portal:

We are currently drafting our response to the revised detailed plans and will be discussing these at our next meeting on 30 June. We will then post the draft response on our website by 3 July and issue a final version by 8 July.

We will be attending and speaking at the planning meeting on 4 August. There will be an opportunity for the public to take up to 3 minutes each to present their views to the committee. We encourage as many people as possible to attend and share their views.

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