Vearse farm/pine view pedestrian/cycle link

A planning appication has been made for the construction of a pedestrian/cycle link between Pine View and the Vearse Farm development (granted outline planning permission in May 2019 under planning reference WD/D/17/000986).

This link is essential for providing a route from the development into the town without using the busy and dangerous West Road. There are however issues in relation to Pine View which is very congested with parked vehicles and through traffic avoiding the busy West Road into the town. Naturally there are concerns that introducing further pedestrian and cycle traffic into Pine View could make matters worse and increase risks to pedestrians, cyclist and mobility scooter users.

If you have any concerns or comments in relation to this planning application then please look at this application on the Dorset Council website ( using application number P/FUL/2021/01895.

You will then be able to add your coments and also look at comments lodged by others.

2 thoughts on “Vearse farm/pine view pedestrian/cycle link”

  1. Regrettably, on 9 August, within 3 days of your post on the Planning Application for the cycle/pedestrian access from the development into Pine View P/FUL/2021/01895, Dorset Council have closed off the opportunity to make comments. It appears to me that the increased traffic into Bridport’s existing cycle/pedestrian routes has not been considered. In particular, I have in mind the fact that pathway users will inevitably take the route from Magdalen Lane, up the access road to the main area of Dreadnaught Estate, passing across Plottingham Fields. The access road has no footway whatever, and leads onto a rough grass/mud track to a bridge over the river which is wide enough for only one person to pass at a time. I notice that this is a delegated issue, and may not involve any involvement from Councillors. Nonetheless, I have emailed my local Councillors to bring this to their attention

  2. I feel that a cycle path should not be made though Pine View from Vearse. It would be too dangerous to do so. The amount of cars already parked in Pine View causes enough problems with lots having to park on bends/pavements. There is also a blind bend at the bottom of Pine View due to parked cars outside residents houses. Garages here are too small for the average family car so all the parking is on the road. I feel that it would increase the risk to current resident and users of Pine View

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