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My letter in this weeks View from Bridport….

Please feel free to write into the paper next week and endorse it !

“In light of last weeks West Dorset planning meeting, councillors were given a briefing on the Vearse Farm application for guidance when it comes before committee next year

We at ADVEARSE are totally in agreement for promoting the allocation of building land in Bridport and its environs for low-cost housing. We do however, object to an additional tranche (65% or greater) of higher cost, market driven housing, typically 500 dwellings on Vearse Farm if approval is granted.

The demographic for this area is currently skewed , in that the majority of residents are at the higher end of the age spectrum. Any development in Bridport and the outlying villages needs to redress this balance and encourage less fortunate and younger members of our society, gaining the option of ascending the housing ladder. This will only be achieved by implementing low-cost housing.

We were very concerned that the Hallam Land Group have implied that the allocation of 260 affordable homes, 35% (or less) of the total build of 760 would be assessed on the basis of viability as reported in your paper previously. Originally, the Local Plan indicated that a minimum of 35% affordable’s would have been mandatory. This was changed by removal of the word minimum, after the Inspector, Paul Crysell had published his comments recently, as part of the Main Modifications of the Local Plan.

We are totally committed to the campaign that the current aforementioned size and positioning of the Vearse Farm development as proposed, is undesirable to Bridport. Furthermore, its effect on the environment, road infrastructure and culture etc. are detrimental to the locale.

These criteria will all be seriously considered, and alternative options sought accordingly, as the local Neighbourhood Plan (Vision 2030) develops and is delivered, over the next fifteen months.

We feel it is of significant importance that like-minded residents register their lack of support of this development accordingly, using the link…….

The closing date being, 27th October 2015.”

Richard Freer

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