Facebook troll………

We received this from a cowardly troll called Diane Ronson this weekend.

She wrote……..

“well you lost, what a waste of time and money for stupid advearse you made. you might as well put for sale sign up and move out. And before I forget merry chrismas and happy new year ha ha ha !”

I had to laugh to myself, especially with the appalling spelling and grammar !!

As you will all recall, ADVEARSE gained funding from supportive like-minded people !

….and we’ve ONLY lost a battle, not the war !

Does anyone know who she is as she left no contact details (not surprisingly) so I can only presume she is perhaps a Bridport resident.

I did try a name search but only got one hit.

If anyone knows her please pass this on !

One thought on “Facebook troll………”

  1. I thought for one moment it might have been my first wife!
    She wasn’t that well educated but at least she made the effort and even got on well in a local council. What a nasty sicko this female must be!! Where there’s sh*t there are always poisonous weeds.

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