Press release; Bridport News 26-10-2017

Important Notice from ADVEARSE
West Dorset District Council will consider the Planning Application for


On Friday November 3rd at South Walks House, Dorchester at 10am

Details can be found at WD/D/17/000986
Local people should show The Development Control Committee (Planning) how strongly they feel about this application. We urge you to attend on Friday November 3rd. We wish to encourage members of the public to address the Planning Committee to express their views at the meeting. Contact Linda Quinton (details at bottom of page)

More than 200 people have sent comments to WDDC about this application, the overwhelming majority have objected to it.
We at ADVEARSE have opposed this development since 2013 for many reasons, including: –
• Increased traffic congestion in Bridport
• Serious risk of flooding despite prevention measures
• Heightened dangers to pedestrians and cyclists on West Allington/
B3162 and the Magdalen Lane link
• Insufficient patient capacity at Medical Centre
• Loss of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
• Poor proposed links discriminate against disabled persons
• No guarantees that low cost housing will be built
• No provision for additional car parking in Bridport Town centre
• Loss of wildlife
• Destruction of established hedgerows and trees
• Damage to archaeological assets
• Damage to the setting of Vearse Farmhouse, an important Heritage
Grade ll listed asset

WDDC has valid grounds for refusing this application unless the developer can address the problems we have identified here

X51 bus leaves Bridport Bus Station at 9.07 and arrives close to WDDC South Walks House at about 9.48

Contact Linda Quinton at WDDC 01305 252211 or [email protected]

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  1. We live at Salway Ash and cannot conceive how the Vearse Farm development proposal has even got off the ground. The road down through North Allington is frequently gridlocked down to the roundabout. Coming from West Allington to turn left at the roundabout our way is frequently blocked, as the traffic is gridlocked into the town. This is with the current population let alone the added pressure of tourists in the summer. Bridport car parks are packed on market days with angry motorists. Bridport cannot cope with any more traffic. The idea that 700 + houses = 1400 cars can somehow be accommodated is ludicrous.

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