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Published in this weeks View from Bridport and The Bridport News…….

“The ADVEARSE Campaign Group would like to thank the residents of Bridport and the surrounding villages for the many additional, kind donations to our cause, in the main generated by our leaflet distribution of late. This has enabled us to maintain the pressure on WDDC to hopefully, not desecrate the land at Vearse Farm. Failing that scenario, it is essential that we pursue and encourage the generation of a reduced number of suitably sized dwellings for the first-time buyer, in effect, the future Greater Bridport society. Furthermore it needs to be demonstrated, that the site is viable in terms of reduced flood risk and vehicular access, before any development begins.

Most recently, we were buoyed by both the Town Council and Symondsbury Parish Councils, objecting to the build on the grounds of poor access to the proposed site. We understand that additionally, Allington Parish Council have objected to this proposed development.

Furthermore, many of the objections currently lodged on the WDDC planning website, originate from the submission of the aforementioned, completed leaflet.


This is of course a bonus, as we did not expect the utilisation of this document as a means of residents communicating with WDDC, on the scale on which it has !

Thank you again, one and all.

“It’s never too late, to donate”

ADVEARSE Campaign Group

E; [email protected]

3 thoughts on “Letter of thanks……..”

  1. So many new builds its getting claustrophobic around here – and looking like St Michaels trading estate is taking the next hit. Any idea how many local developments are in the planning process or already building? Seems like every nook and cranny!

    1. Dear Mr (Ms?). Tyler,
      Other than the proposed build at Vearse Farm and the recently planning permitted build at St. Michaels Trading Estate, the only other build we are aware of is at Watton Park, adjacent to the Leisure Centre, Bridport. We believe this to be a total of 33 dwellings, at the latter.

  2. There is, of course, the (limited) development adjacent to the car park in South Street. I have no idea how many homes are being built there but this does seem a sensible use of a brown field site within the confines of the town. I just hope that the architecture is in keeping and the properties are affordable for local people.

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