VF outline planning meeting news……..

Hopefully, this will be published in next weeks local papers……..

“Further to Roy Mathisen’s letter (BN August 24th) deploring the development of Vearse Farm, other than for inclusion of low-cost housing, we would like to publicise the following information.

We feel that the outline planning meeting destined for 12th October 2017 in Dorchester, should be held in Bridport and in the evening to enable attendance by residents who work.
We have invited West Dorset District Council to use alternative venues such as the Electric Palace or the Bridport Arts Centre. Because of the potential high attendance expected at this forthcoming meeting, it needs to be a large capacity venue.

Many of you no doubt, would be able to suggest other viable, alternatives.

Furthermore, somewhat alarmingly, we understand that this important Vearse Farm planning application, will be discussed with OTHER, ADDITIONAL planning applications, and not as a sole issue as per the recent St. Michael’s TE outline planning meeting. We are sure that WDDC would justify the South Walks House, Dorchester venue to encompass this, their proposed agenda.

We therefore ask the residents of Bridport to contact WDDC, specifically Andy Galpin ([email protected]) or Jean Marshall ([email protected]) or both, expressing the same sentiment as ourselves. Kindly, CC us on [email protected] so we can monitor the extent and sentiment of objections.

Make your sentiments known in this superb newspaper as well !

Please note, the date of the meeting may be further delayed if the current, oustanding objections by The Environment Agency and Dorset County Council; Highways Department are not finalised.

Many thanks

ADVEARSE Campaign Group”

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