The youth of today !

Josh Kelly replied to your comment on Future Bridport‘s photo.
Josh wrote: “All our homes have been built where badgers once lived. We extract oil and burn fossil fuel, we rip up woodlands for plantations. But of course, not many people see this. They see a petrol station and bananas on the shelves… let’s not start worrying about the badgers and birds now. Traffic – well, would everyone be on the road at once? If all of a sudden 1000 cars pulled out at once… there would be slight delays. But my argument is simple, wake up 10 minutes earlier and leave 10 minutes earlier. Also on a top level, there are too many old drivers in this town who are a major hazard. Stricter ruling on driving after 70 is required. That would take a load of the traffic off the roads of Bridport. Also, lets build a cycle path from Vearse, through Skilling and Plottingham to gain access to town. You all seem to think this has never been done before. But it has in areas where there are more restrictions but they have managed it. I know people who live within 1 mile of the town centre and drive there! Fair enough if you are needing heavy items, but going to the post office shouldn’t warrant that. I would hope young people who are fit an healthy snap these homes up and walk into town. So looking at traffic, a lot will be sorted if people weren’t so lazy and perhaps altered there routine slightly to cope with it. So as a community we can solve traffic easily”

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  1. I suspect Josh is someone who cares little about our environment and the natural beauty of our countryside and would be far happier living in the metropolis. Perhaps her outlook on life will change as she matures. If Josh has, or is contemplating having, children they would doubtless in turn thank her for preserving an idyll which they would otherwise not experience in this very special place.

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